Hollow Promises


I am going to stop numbering the days… I am just going to carry on with a bit of non booze love affair stuff, and stuff that is making me tick right now…


I was thinking today about alcohol. What is strongly in its’ favour it the PROMISE it contains. The anticipation revving up before the drinks begin. The end of day G&T, the cold rose with ice blocks in the summer, the gorgeous red with a Sunday roast. The cold beer at the end of a long walk… These are the stuff of dreams. The promise contained within all the above is that you are going to relax, chill out, let go, laugh, connect, feel young and pretty, feel buffered from your problems, it promises nirvana. And the promise is still there.

However, the promise is as empty as that chocolate egg above. We chase the things listed. They appear VERY briefly, like in the aftermath of the first drink, as you are having the second… There. BINGO! You have what you were promised.

What we forget is that that is it. It goes in about twenty minutes and you are reaching for the next fix and the next and the next. Until you are blurry and slurry and think you are interesting and you are dogmatic and want to share your unasked for opinions with the world… And that is me I am describing.

Not to even go onto the touchiness, impatience, easily offended, paranoid anaesthetised person you can become… and then there is the next day. We don’t even want to go there.

So every single damn day I get up and I am grateful I did not get drunk the night before. I am so grateful it is just not possible to describe… I feel like I got a chance to begin life properly… and I did not even drink every day or ever ever never on my own! This is from a social heavy drinker….

If you are struggling please contact me. I will always answer.

And what is making me tick right now???

LOVE YOUR LIFE – Jennifer Bailey – google her and listen to her podcasts from the beginning. Just immense.

Have a great Sunday night you lot xxxx

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

2 thoughts on “Hollow Promises”

  1. Thank you I needed that 👏🏽👏🏽 I don’t stop but I need too. I am mostly not a drunk but then mostly hate my drinking self.


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