1007. My cup of tea

I seriously do not know how to upload a picture. The whole thing has changed with regard to blogging and I am a luddite or cannot be bothered to go with the tutorial etc etc. So here is a massive picture of a cup of tea!

I am currently on day 1007 without boooooze. So nice and calm today. I have rethought this blog and want (have mentioned this before) to steer it into the area of what is filling the space that booze took up. On that note I am thinking I will give a “podcast of the week” suggestion… and just generally speak about what is ticking my box, floating my boat, etc. What is bringing me life….

So Podcast of the Week is this one from the Happiness Lab


Totally incredible and life altering – that is not too big a claim… it is called “D for distracted” … it is giant. Let me know your thoughts in a message 😉

The other thing that I am thinking of a bit is abstinence… not only from things like booze or sex… but other things… here is what I read this week….

We humans now live lives as if there are no legitimate limits. While we bow temporarily to practical limitations, limits are to be assaulted through the powers of intelligence and technology until they yield to human ingenuity and control. The appetites are give free reign. It is considered a God-given right to use every resource and creature on earth for personal enjoyment or gain. The goal of human life is to acquire more, to experience more, to stimulate every sense to capacity and beyond……...perhaps we see then, how the critical the dynamic of accepting those limits that are life-restoring is. Our culture would seduce us into believing that we can have it all, do it all and (even more preposterous!) that we deserve it all. Yet in refusing to accept limits on our consumption or our activity, we perpetuate a death dealing dynamic in the world

The above quote is from a book called Soul Feast by Marjorie J Thompson.

I have found that in accepting the life-affirming limit on my alcohol consumption I have opened up a space inside myself which has room for so many things. In the past I had little energy or time to go deeper into books, poetry, study, relationships, gardening and so on. I was paddling like a duck under water trying to keep up with how I felt I should be. It was enormously draining. The hangover, drink cycle, while not a constant feature of my days, was bad enough to really block my long-term serenity.

This book advocates fasting from food for spiritual purposes. Now whilst that does not appeal to everyone, it is a feature of every major religion and philosophy. The lack of distraction of food and its preparation frees you up to realise that your life is drawn from more than just physical nourishment. There is an element of spiritual nourishment without we would starve internally..

Perhaps the lack of spiritual nourishment is responsible for so much of the pain humans face. The lack of love and meaning.. … the feeling of disconnect with others and ourselves.

Lots to read. Lots to think about. Let me know your thoughts 😉

Barbs x

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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