990. Wisdom for future

This is simple and true. Everything we do cannot be done with our future self in mind. Because that is tiring and unrealistic. But imagine we did just some of the things for the me of tomorrow?

Since I read this the other day I have been taking a couple of extra seconds to put the room I just leave a little more to ”rights” than it was when I entered it. It could be that no I will not have that cake right now. or have half the size slice that I wanted to actually have. It could be finish an essay tonight and you will love your weekend more.

Even and most importantly, it can be just do not have a boozy drink right now. Have it tomorrow, in an hour, in two hours, etc. but always just a little while in the future so that right NOW you are not drinking. Obviously if you don’t have a drinking issue this is not for you.. but most of us drink more than we would like to – or drank more than we liked to…

I am 10 days off the magic 1000 days no drunkenness…. It does not get old. I love it more and more.

I have some friends at the beginning of the journey who are battling the cravings and giving in. And that is where they are at, but let me encourage you that the cravings pass and the new normal comes and it is beautiful.

Happy weekend.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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