917. What is energising me right now.

Basically it is really dull, wet, grey, cold, slushy shitty weather here at the moment. We all have a light inside us which can grow small and which can flicker and falter. If there is ever a time of year for this to happen it is now. One of the most challenging times in my life was the January/February before I stopped drinking. My little light was very dim. It was flickering and sometimes I felt it had gone out. Fortunately, things are so much better and my light is energised and fuel fed.

So what makes us flourish and what makes us falter? I guess it will be different for each of us (of course)… but here are a few things which are fuelling my inner flame right now.

Dal. Yes for me, so much energy and happiness is around food. I am a big foodie. I read recipe books for fun. I follow blogs, I experiment in the kitchen and in general, after my family, dog and faith, food is the most important element that keeps me grounded and energised. So why dal? The dal I am loving is made from red lentils. We just need a base of onions, garlic and ginger, sautΓ©ed in oil, with a big dash of curry powder and a small dash of hot chilli powder if you are so inclined…. the I add a pile of red lentils, a tin of coconut milk and a tin expensive chopped tomatoes* and a tin of vegetable stock. And leave it. The red lentils will fuse into everything and make a ”mixture”.

You can add any vegetable or meat you like and cook the mixture till what you have added has cooked and eat. The icing on the cake would be a big bunch of fresh coriander chopped up. So why I love it. It is vegan (if you don’t add meat). And while I am not vegan (or even vegetarian) … I get a smidgen of goodness flowing through my body when I eat something which has not harmed an animal. It is good for one, it is simple food, you do not have to be especially rich to make it. Though coconut milk and expensive tomatoes are in there, they are the only things which may cost a bit more, and I am certain you can do without the expensive tomatoes.

*I say expensive tomatoes because the difference is real. Buy the best ones you can afford. That is all.

This meal brightens up any lunchtime. Eat before bed at. your peril, washing machine stomach can ensue.

So it is dal and ……

The podcast where BrenΓ© Brown interviews Dolly Parton. Oh my word, if you even for a minute think it may be naff, you are in for such a great surprise. If you listen, please let me know what you think.

That is it for now. I want to be a little more regular here. I would love to have a hi from you if you are out there reading this. If you are struggling not to drink. If you are finding the grey days too much… let me know.

Bye xxx

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

4 thoughts on “917. What is energising me right now.”

      1. Interesting — I have gotten over some addictions myself, too… and TBH I think (IMHO) at some point it becomes more a matter of no longer wanting it in any shape or form (sort of in a BTDT way — LOL, r u getting all these abbrev.s? πŸ˜‰ ). I continue to drink tea like a madman, though! πŸ˜€


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