Let us begin

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Here we are on the verge. At the doorway of a new year. It is the time that we can wipe the slate clean, turn our backs on the grubbiness of the past. Sweep down our floors, throw away the old wrapping paper, last of the cake, turkey carcass and face the New Beginning with hope. We need these new beginning hope signals. We need the ‘stepping-through-a door-into-a-new-reality” feeling that New Year gives.

But I have a secret. This is available to us at any time. We can, every moment of every day quietly rummage through the rubbish, keep the carcass for stock, fold up the wrapping paper to reuse (put it carefully in the wrapping paper and accoutrements box) and throw out what is not useful, and go into the next part of THE DAY with the same newness and swept down-ness that we feel at the beginning of a year. We can close the door on what did not serve us, be it an attitude, an action or a thought….

We can take stock, eat the cake and wash the dish. Put it away and clear the decks…. at any moment we choose. And indeed for a sane life perhaps we should do this. I am resolving to put a marker in the day. Not at the beginning, for I have my things I do then, but DURING the day. I can start again then. I can use what has hurt me, what has annoyed me, what has bored me, as fuel to do it differently that very same day. I can go through the door to the next part of the day.

All this required deliberate living. I am not good at deliberate living. I am the type to let life happen to me. That is my natural bent… but I also have something in me that has started awakening to the fact that we build our lives ourselves. It is empowering to know we have the tools and possibility to create and structure (to a certain extent only – we are not in complete control luckily and sadly) a life that is good for us.

You can live more deliberately when you are not hungover. When you LIKE yourself. When you have energy.

Make it the year that you build the way you need to… hour by hour….

Love to you all.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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