813. Pink fluffy landmarks

I have definitely done pink fluffy clouds before…. And they deserve another mention. They are not a totally every day occurrence. They are more like a general air about the place. I have slowly but surely…. over the 813 booze free days that I have lived…..installed some points into my life. In French the word is repères – if I am not mistaken with the accents… this means landmarks or points along a way to show the way. I have been thinking about these repères a lot. The word landmarks does not quite cover it for me… but my thoughts were along the lines of this.

When we have the head space and inner calm that comes from longer term sobriety we can really put down points in our hours, days and thus lives upon which we can build. They give our lives a shape and a structure. One of these landmark repère things is my morning routine. I have built this in slowly and it is now fairly established. Up early (because I can) have my meditation/silence… write my journal or morning pages (thanks Julia Cameron from Artists Way) and once that is done I put my gorgeous coffee on the stove and it takes about 10 minutes to brew, during which time I do my little made up by me yoga stretches.

This is such a good set up for my day. It is a point around which I can work. It clears my head, does some inner housekeeping if you like, and then I am stretched (tick trying to look after body after 50 especially because I have largely ignored that for a most of my adult life) I then enter the day feeling really good.

I am sure that having a ”practice” of sorts makes for the pink fluffy clouds that I feel around me most of the time. I promise to say (and usually do) when this is not the case. But there is a groundedness and peace that comes from starting my day like this.

If want to think more about making landmarks or repères around which we build to give our lives shape. I want to live a shaped life that is deliberate. I spent so many years winging it (though to be fair I still wing certain things) and just kind of hanging in there. Now I feel that I am more in charge. Not in control you understand… an impossible thing… but just taking charge and responsibility.

There we are those are my thoughts for today. Thanks to the new subscribers… And hi to you all

Love me.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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