776. Small flames

We cannot know the huge reality. We can only use words and metaphors to describe our experience and then see if these are common with others and in this way try to make sense of our worlds, inner and outer.

I think that within every living thing is this spark of life. Call it what you will, Spirit, God, Chi, Third Eye and so on. But it is there. In me it is a little flame and a little tiny seedling. It is not easy to access this little piece of the whole of reality that is really us. But we can be aware of it. Certain things spark it up. When certainly know when it is activated. This little seedling is our True Self. The Self that has nothing to do with outward appearance, what we have gained in terms of wealth or not gained. How well we did at school, or not. Our jobs, our status in our community etc. Those are our outer shell if you like. This inner life is there inside every human (I’d say every living thing but because I am a human I can only speak from this perspective).

Over-drinking can never put this out or totally drown the seedling, but it makes it very difficult to grow that part of ourselves.

All my drinking days I had this tiny knock, knock, knock on my heart. Sometimes barely discernible, sometimes loud and insistent. “Drink less, leave the stuff alone, drink less, put it down. Stop“. And when I say all my drinking days, I mean it. I have diaries from 17, 18 years old where the issue raised its head. It was my Chi (if you like) the Real Me, trying to tell me my Truth. I was never a content over-drinker. I was restless and uneasy in my role, yet I ploughed on and on too afraid to let it go.

When we stop dowsing, squashing, drowning the little Voice, the Chi, the Holy Spirit, it can get some air and we can feed it. And it can grow. And what controls us can change. And we can be free.

Happy Sunday.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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