728. Two days till two years.



If two years is 730 days.  I have gone back – and if you can be bothered you should too – to two years ago on this blog!  I was gearing up, with much trepidation and fear, to plunge into my 100 day challenge….I wanted to

  • reset my balance
  • see if I could go one rotation round the sun without a drink
  • see if my life was significantly improved without booze
  • and drink like a normal person and never have a hangover

Those were my goals.

Now nearly two years down the line I can honestly say that yes, I have reset my balance – but not like I thought I would.  I thought I would reset and then drink moderately if I am honest.  I did go one rotation round the sun, and now almost two… My life has way way out of proportion improved without booze.  And well, I have no desire to drink at all because I just don’t drink like a normal person.  I never will.  It is 10 000 times easier not to drink at all than to juggle.

What I think.  Drinking is like a fun loving child, skipping along full of the joys… What you don’t know is that a mean scowling cruel person is holding their hand – a package deal.  The fun comes with a cost.  The fun is not unattached.  The fun is indelibly linked to nothing good.  Nothing.

An expensive, unhealthy, unproductive, bad decision making, violent (in some cases), sexually assaulting, (or maybe unwise sexual choosing), mentally draining, anxiety inducing entity is hanging onto the hand of the fun child… One does not come without the other.  Yes, maybe it is not always a bad thing, a few drinks, of course… I am not all doom and gloom, and killjoy, but rarely did I wake up and wish I had drank a little more the night before.

What I think.  I wake up every single day of my life with a zest for the day.  I don’t surface in a foggy, groggy, miserable heart sinking mood.  I don’t go, okay was out the last three nights, I am knackered….going out tonight…. I’ll take it easy.  Get there, the wine is cold, it is decent, the company is fun, and I’m ”fuck it” and I then don’t take it easy and end up drinking for days on end, burning myself out, being grumpy with my family, getting fat and bloated and feeling SHIT.  There is no planning, no worrying about how to get home, I can always pick up kids if needed every single day.  I am just a boss.


Happiest girl in the world.



Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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