709. Just popping in.


I think I am still amazed at how I, the lover extraordinaire of wine…. got to 709 days without it.  In fact, the lover of gin, the lover of aperol spritz, the odd beer, and on and on.  It really is possible for anyone.  I am grateful and delighted that I squeezed through that sober door, with massive reluctance and terror nearly two years ago.  Not in a million years would I dream this would be me.

To those of you out there who read this, and who are still teetering on the edge of giving up….The Door.  The door between the worlds is scary.  But the view from the other side is so different.  You need to give it 100 days.  For the proper benefits to sink in.  Why would I give up this life I have now for that old life of feeling shit.  Of just thinking about how little or much or when and what and who with I could drink …and so on and on.

I did struggle recently.  I was on holiday in Italy and  I was around power drinkers (only from my perspective you understand) glugging back what was my favourite wine… night after night after night after night.  I needed to go into that situation with more support.  And I will either not ever go into it again, or be certain I am in a position to escape if I need to.

I would not give up what I have now for one little night of blurring the edges.  No way José.  I am utterly free.  I love it.

Give it a go if you have not already.  And I will be happy to support you by email x

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

3 thoughts on “709. Just popping in.”

  1. Ah dear Barbs
    I am so delighted for you. I cannot step through that door yet. But I think of it daily.
    I read an interview with Vinny Jones, that famous hard man, still grieving for the loss of his beloved wife. He’s been 8 years sober and despite all he’s been through, say life without booze just gets better and better. It has to be true. People who live without alcohol say so. One day….. much love xxxx


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