662. Which way?


It is a lazy Sunday.  I was out last night with very good friends, all drinking loads.  You should see the dinner tables around which I sit!  It is lovely at times, and not so at others, and I think that the outcome starts and finishes with me and my state of mind.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, laughed and joined in as if I was just drinking along with them.  The hostess had a nice sober drink prepared for me.  Good start.  Good nibbles… good company and I was away.  I felt included right from the beginning, but not only that, I was happy in my skin when I went there.

Not drinking just suits me.  I watched as the evening melted down (not in a bad way) into raucous funniness and I laughed along with all, but knew that in the morning my head would be clear and fresh, and I would have not a single regret, and that I would be full of integrity and able to look myself in the eye.

If I ever EVER think that drinking just a good glass of wine – just one – with dinner …. if I EVER think that is a good idea for me then I hope that I will have the good sense to wait 24 hours before I decide and that I will email Belle and warn her that I am going to… because I will want to be talked out of it.  ONE GLASS??? Come on.  I get more and more excited … not less and less keen … as the drink goes down.  That is just me.  And probably thousands of others, but for me it is ME that counts.

I have changed direction.  And I am going in the direction that I want to!  Thank God.

Talking of change of direction… I am thinking that maybe this blog is going to start to focus less on not drinking and more on what MY CUP OF TEA IS!  Focus on the things that make me tick.  On the things that I can now do and want to get excited about because my battery is not half drained from a big night even once a week.

So friends, and you are few… watch this space.  Give me ideas and we can explore together…


Love to you  x

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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