640. Odd bod.


Are you still there?  Hanging in.  I must admit I have found it a breeze most of the time, during this shutdown.  I have had no triggers to drink, no one is drinking in my house.  I have a momentary stab of oddness when I think of the ”release” and all the promises of parties and the only mention being of drink drink drink.

I am very pleased I don’t drink.  As well you know if you have followed this blog in all its 640 days!  But at times I get a very lonely feeling when all are drinking around me, and I feel like a bit of an odd creep who is misunderstood, and cannot explain herself.  Happened recently, and it stings.  It stings because I should be over that shouldn’t I?  I should be grateful and pleased that I am making choices which are good for me.  Good for my mental health.  And believe me, I am!  But it does not mean that there are times when I really do feel like a pariah.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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