606. Keeping low profiles


We are well into the quiet phase of the worlds’ history.  I have to say that when I got a post or meme or whatever they are called … asking:  “Can anyone recommend a good breakfast wine?” I did have a little laugh.  But the truth is, this lockdown situation is bringing out the booze chat large scale.

My husband, bless him for all his non existent and real faults, has decided, for unknown reasons, to not drink over lockdown …. so has my daughter…. and my son has had three small beers in 8 days.  They are now finished and we have no booze in.  I am very grateful, as I did not realise quite how strange I would feel.

I have had the whole range of emotions, from YIPEEEE this is the best thing ever… to OMG are we ever going to be the same again… to OMG I hope we are not going to be the same again… to …what a massive opportunity for all sorts of self improvements and no one in my family really cares… disappointment… to dreamily snuggling up all four on the sofa…to sleepless nights just feeling WEIRD.  If my two adult children and husband were imbibing I think it would have been MUCH MORE TRICKY to stay on a relatively even keel.

Thank you to my family for just choosing not to drink.

Drinking complicates all sorts of emotions.  I am the first to admit I love a good piss up.  What I really don’t love is my brain the day after.  Cripples me.  So thank God they that we are all on the same page at this really different time.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

One thought on “606. Keeping low profiles”

  1. Fab as ever. I have been either not drinking or just having one (admittedly quite stiff) G&T after a day in the garden and a bath… I have quit the fags (two a day but still not good) and am running, will tackle the booze soon. My birthday today and I want to enter my 57th year clear-headed and on the way to getting fit. xx


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