557. Life enhancing


Booze is viewed as the must have ingredient for a good time.  Only distance from the last liquid elixir imbibition can show just how skewed this thinking is.  If we are in the thick of it we cannot but agree with the opinion.  It is impossible not to agree. I used to avoid sitting next to the teetotaller.  I baulked at the thought of the alcohol-free wedding.  I just could not understand the person who did not use the action of pouring wine or gin or vodka or beer into their heads to improve their lives.

Now with distance I wonder at what was so wrong with my life that I needed to enhance it with a wash of numb.

It seems almost an insult to my life that i felt the need to boost it, prop it up, make it MORE with a drink.  It was ungrateful to my lot.  I daresay that there are people whose lives are considerably harder to bear for any number of reasons, who feel they can well  justify shutting out the reality, the mundanity, the futility of their existence with drink.  I do not judge a soul.

I cannot think of any situation that in the long run is made better with copious quantities of drink.  Nothing.  I now think it is a shortcut, even a lazy way to pep up an evening.

I speak for myself.  I can totally understand that whilst one is in the grip and the thick of it, there seems to be no option for a good time other than taking some seemingly life-enhancing elixir to put a bright spin on things.

There is nothing good that has ever come from lots of drink in a crowd.  To quote AA Gill, ”the evenings ended with port, tears and infidelity”.  Even I think that I am exaggerating the ill effects of swilling in a crowd.  But then I just think of all the crap decisions and bad things that have happened because I had too much to drink.  All the ”truths” blurted out, the crushes magnified into undying love, the level of pettiness rising high.  The hook of offense sinking deep.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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