536. Never a better time than now


I am writing this sitting in an airport lounge in Southampton, UK.  My bank gives us a card with 6 passes a year and I have hours to kill, free coffee, free food and tonnes and tonnes of free booze.  It is morning so of course, even if I was not a non-boozer, I would not be drinking… but free booze is very hard to resist!

My thoughts today turn to the AGE at which one should stop drinking.  It feels like there may be an age where one is too old to give up.. Why bother now??  I am fifty in 10 days – yeeeehi!!!  I feel 25 and wish (at 25) that I had found out that stopping drinking was the :-


I have to swear over this fact.  Swearing gives it an in your face-ness that it needs.  There is literally not one single solitary good thing that has ever come from over-drinking.





So what I want to say is that it is never too late…. 50 may seem old – but quite honestly I feel like I am at the beginning of a massive cool adventure.  And it is never too early.  Twenty years old may seem too young… but again… if I knew then (as a really boozy young 20 year old, who just could not be moderate) what I know now…. I would not touch the stuff.  But it is the wisdom of hindsight, a very exact science….

I would like to say to you…. yes you reading this right now… If you are in ANY doubt as whether to try and experiment in not drinking… may that doubt be whooshed away by my words.  Email me, message me… contact me in anyway – facebook, instagram whatever… and I will encourage you in 100 days.  It does not have to be a special significant day… it only has to be today.

I used to read things like ”stopping drinking is the best thing I have done in my life” and think, ”YEAH RIGHT???” ”LOSER”.  I simply was not in a position for my brain to believe it.  It has to come slowly upon our brains.  Our tricky little brains…

What was unthinkable once for me is now the new normal.  The massive stashes of free chilled champagne, beer, gin, scotch, Sauvignon and so on which is staring at me now does not even register in my mind… It is nothing to me.  So good.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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