519. A new beginning.


Hello!!  Is there anyone out there?

Hope that the Christmas/End of Year/Holiday Festivities were are that you had hoped they would be.

Especially at this time of year it is at times, very difficult to be a non drinker.  Yet it is also very easy.  Difficult because you can feel left out!  The booze bottle is the guest of honour everywhere you go.  At least in my world.  However, once you get over that feeling that you are a little dull, and the bubbles of Champagne are not flowing down your throat… you get to the easy part.

The Easy Part.

Mentally you could not take the edge off.  BUT this gave an opportunity to be creative.  An opportunity to dig deep and find a way that is sane to feel better.  A dog walk.  A podcast.  A mince pie and an episode of  Jane the Virgin (oh my word, I am an addict – a few years late).  A gorgeous and surprising cup of Clipper Detox tea – sounds horrible – but is GORGEOUS – in a pub when all around were drinking cheap wine and watery beer.   The easy part is waking up fresh as a daisy.  The easy part is being able to separate what is reality and what is just a story in your head about a situation that you are guessing over.  The easy part is not spending tonnes of money on booze that you pee out and gives you a head like a steam train ran over you, and a layer of fat around your organs.  The other good part is connecting (online and by reading emails and following insta posts) with hundreds of other soberistas all over the world who have found the great secret too.

I see it in my darling nearest and dearest ones (one in particular).  The addictive voice is constantly active.  Constantly trying to convince one that one will be left out and sad and lonely if one does not pour heaps of foul tasting mind altering liquid down ones throat.  My two treasured offspring were saying that drinking with their friends was fun – I have absolutely no doubt it is.  I too was 20 once and drinking with ones friends is fun.  They mentioned creating memories and funny stories… All true, the funny booze stories… dine out on those for years…But then the one offspring mentioned the night had been latterly spent in a hazy, fuzzy blur… so much for the memories.

It is very hard to swim against the tide, whether we are 19, 20, 21 or 48, 49, 50.  And not drinking is the most radical swimming against the tide of the last few generations.

The lie that we need alcohol for a good life starts very young.  It is difficult to extricate ourselves from this societal norm and go against the grain.  But when you do, the world opens up, and you see that not EVERYONE needs to drink to have a good time.  And the very best, most connected, contented, genuine times I have had are without the mind altering liquid.

New Year, New Decade, always a chance for a new direction.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

2 thoughts on “519. A new beginning.”

  1. oh Barbs, you are so right and so full of wisdom. happy New Year you wonderful soul. I daren’t even say that today is Day 1. But……


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