476.5 Actioning excavation


On my course recently we had a reflective exercise.  We had to choose a picture of Jesus.  There were literally hundreds of Jesus’s.  Contemporary images, art work, rasta Jesus, black Jesus, blonde Jesus, cartoon Jesus, angry Jesus… you name it and there is was.  We had to take our chosen image and go off to a quiet place and have a conversation with this Jesus.  The image above is the one I chose.

I went to my room and thought, hmmm this is a bit pointless.  A conversation… with this picture?  So I sat there on my bed and thought… ”shit, that lovely girl thought we were around the same age and she is 55, shit shit, I used to be able to make myself up and think I looked ok, that just isn’t happening anymore, its going south and quickly”.  Then I thought about a refund I should be getting from the car hire company.  Then I wondered what time breakfast was the next day, and if I could pop into town and get something at the shops and eat breakfast and be back in time for the course starting and go to the morning service.  Then I checked my texts.  By the time I really looked at the picture, I realised that I was rather distracted.  This Jesus is holding the woman, and very gently telling her something, or maybe kissing her cheek?  ”What are you telling me? ” I wondered…

”Did you notice what distracted you from our conversation?”  was my answer.  Always a question.

The things that distract me from really living my best life may just be…. preoccupation with looks, money, food and social media.

I wanted to go away from that short conversation and think about how I cannot be preoccupied with these fairly important things.  That they may be in my life but not overly important.  This is my task in my 8 weeks between residentials.

We can all notice things.  If we take time.  It is doing something with them that ultimately makes a difference and changes our course of action and eventually our lives.



Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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