460. Life Saver


Stopping drinking has saved my life.

NOT in the way you may think.  I did not have liver disease, or was not a hopeless alcoholic who had lost family and jobs and so on.  No, none of those.  But it has saved my life anyway.  I am now more alive than I have been in years.

By LIFE I mean… things are happening.  Hope has sprouted wings and is flying and soaring.  I have started a course – which I absolutely love – which I don’t think I could do with total integrity if I was occasionally getting rat-faced.  I certainly could not wake up early every day to do my meditation.  This small tweak starts my day with a still, silent, plugging-in to a great loving energy source which sets me up with enthusiasm and energy to face the day ahead.

I have ”met” a kindred spirit through my blog who is encouraging me to write.  Writing is something I have DREAMED of doing ever since I can remember.  It feels like an electric shock to even broach the possibility of writing.

Tonnes of tiny connections are forming all over the place which make me certain that I am riding a wave of synchronicity.  I am feeling like I am really living, growing, changing and transforming.

I doubt that it would be the same if I was still hanging over at various points in the week.  Even if I was just a little tired and jaded from one or two wines too many more than once a week.

The ability to like oneself and trust oneself that comes with sobriety is singly the most valuable thing.  The most life giving thing you can imagine.

Not drinking has given me LIFE.

I am very grateful.  Because it is hard….. but life is back in technicolour.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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