455. Setting the stage


Being sober sets the stage for a great show.  Not a show as in a performance, as in acted out.  But a real show.  The chance to show who you really are in a good way.  Alcohol blocks real connection.  Connection with ourselves and connection with others.  If we get used to always using it on social occasions, our capacity to really connect is hampered more or less every time we drink more than one or two glasses.  Without connection nothing real happens.  It is just empty role play, no room for being who we really are.

Each one of us is unique and has a particular role on lifes’ stage.  We want to be playing ourselves and not putting on a mask or a false persona.  Our greatest mission is to find out what makes us feel passionate and alive and energetic.  Whilst I don’t doubt that certain drinkers can find their ”calling” while drinking, most of us cannot.

Alcohol in excess drains our passion, life and energy.  If only this were not true.  But it is. So some of us choose to do more life and less booze.

Of course there are times where I feel totally on the edge of the social circle.  That is a story I am making up in my head.  I can be exactly right there in the inner ring if I wanted to.  But I just do not belong anymore, somewhere where people are hectically putting an anaesthetic into their heads.  I am outcast – by my very own self.  But there are others who see this truism and don’t pour lots of anaesthetic into their heads either and they can be my gang 😉

I can only find my passion by paying detailed attention to myself and what makes me spark.  And to be honest, a hangover would not make things spark.  I can take the time and energy now to find out what my real role is in this whole THEATRE OF LIFE.  Take the time to connect with people and myself in a real way.   To notice notice notice where I find life and energy and to go there.  A great life does not happen by itself, a great life takes deliberate concentrated action.   It is much easier to do this sober.

I am in a theatre mood, so perhaps tomorrow I will post again about something else I have noticed about sobriety 😉

Night night xx




Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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