340. The Merry-Go-Round.


In every country, every town, and even every village… there is. a merry-go-round.  The music is bewitching, the rides are bright, shiny and beguiling.  It looks like fun and sun and carefree joy!  This merry-go-round has a Ringmaster and Ringmistress… Methyl and Ethyl.  they keep their little animals in tip top condition, really appealing to passersby.  They have prancing ponies, Sauvignon and Merlot.  The Heineken horses leap alongside, the Limoncello Lipazanas.  You have the carthorses, Port and Sherry.  And the little whisky dancers and Frisky and Misty.  There are many other animals on this fairground ride.  Some even as yet to be discovered.

The music is cheery, the crowds swarm in and take their rides.  Day in day out hoisting their bodies into the comfy saddles.  Some come in very early, some only at sundown, and some only at weekends.  But come they do because this is fun at its best.  You see parents calling out to children, come on, get on!!! Join us.  Some friends stand hesitantly at the edges of the ride.  Should they leap on or should they stay off?  And the music winds up, and Ethyl and Methyl take their takings ching ching ching, its not cheap this ride.  The money racks up…  People do not want to get off… They come when they want to celebrate, they come when they want to commiserate, they come for summer, they come for winter, they come because they are lonely, they come because they want to fit in.  They make up reasons to get on there because the ride has them in its clutches.

The sun goes down, the music ramps up, the ride spins faster and faster.  Somewhere by the Heineken horses a couple have started to fight.  She is crying and he is shouting.  By the Shetland pony, ”Shots” a young boy has started to vomit.  The Merlot mares have two people passed out underneath their hooves.  The gaiety is starting to get a hard edge.  The music is no longer enchanting, it is positively hypnotic.  The fights get more frequent, the laughter is no longer warm. It is manic.  The happy scene of earlier is replaced by a debauched panorama.  Someone trying to get off, someone else holding their arm, screaming,  ”But its my birthday, stay and ride!!!”.

This merry-go-round has its patrons by the scruffs of their necks.  After the carnage that occurs night after night many people don’t want to go back.  But by the time the end of the day comes and the music starts once again. The ponies and. horses are washed down and shiny.  Innocent and happy.  They think, oh why not?  It’s sunny today, just for ONE ride……


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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