321. Grateful


It keeps getting better.

Not sure where this blog is going 😉   I am reading such a lot of amazing inspirational stuff and feel that this is my teeny tiny contribution out in the sober world.  There are the gorgeous giants out there like Clare Pooley and Catherine Gray, who just day in day out inspire me to realising that this is the bees knees this non-drinking life.   I am ever grateful that there are cool people out there who are ahead and beating a trail.   I hope that this can be a trail light for even one person 😉

I went to Greece for a little break with my nearest and dearest.  It was a fabulous place.  A windsurf Mecca full of cool people – cool women too – all gorgeous young tanned fit sporty and having fun.  I think in my drinking days I would have felt deeply inadequate as I do not fit in with the windsurf crowd – not one iota.  But now in my deeply peaceful state of serenity due to no boozy nightmares…. I felt absolutely great.  I could lie on my sunbed and read and watch others do something that filled their boots… while doing something that filled mine.  Reading and lying down – both first class hobbies that I practice when on holiday.

I was saying to Sister of Gorgeousness that one morning I woke up and saw on my bedside table, a pair of sparkly funny sunglasses that a friend had bought me the night before.  In the old days the ”night before” props that lay around the place would have stared accusingly at me the next day.  The strewn clothes and the mascara pillows and the fancy dress items may have brought on the attack of ”oh no I overdid it last night….” HUNGADINGDONG.  Horrible feelings.  But instead I wake with a lightness and happiness day after day after day after day.  Never regretting a thing.  Always choosing when to go to bed… HOW to go to bed and waking up like a happy daisy.  It does not get old, this feeling.

The thing about not drinking is that it feels like the future opens up like a flower.  The promise and potential of life seems to have quadrupled!  I am learning so much about things!  Learning that gratefulness is the key to keeping on track.  I think I may have to start in earnest about what I am grateful for!  10 things a day – eek!

So mine today are:

  • Grateful that I saw a rainbow
  • Grateful that I saw my friends and had lunch with them
  • Grateful I have a new bike
  • Grateful that I am all alone and peaceful tonight
  • Grateful that I saw the baby coots
  • Grateful that my friends took over the lunch arrangements
  • Grateful that my plants are growing so beautifully
  • Grateful that can get an early night
  • Grateful that I had a slow evening walk with the dog and saw tonnes of flowers
  • Laughed that the dog nipped into his usual garage and stole a tennis ball.  It makes me chuckle.

Night night all… hope your days are great 😉

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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