300. At long last.


I thought this was a lovely image.  I don’t know why, but it kind of made me emotional…

Being sober has gathered all me disparate frantic thoughts and put them under control.  Not completely but in a manageable peaceful way.  I think the picture above symbolises that.

My sister and I are on the same day – 300!  I was saying to her today that people who drink think us (annoying) sober types are just longing to drink with them but we ”CAN’T”.  I realise now, after this time, that I really don’t want to drink at all.  My body has ceased for now, its clamouring for ”something”.  I am utterly content.

I have had nearly a week totally alone at home.  I am almost 4 weeks into daily meditation, something I never thought possible.  This is definitely contributing to my peace.. and have had no sugar either.  The kind of person who would (maybe still) have annoyed me intensely.

I am still imbibing strong coffee, so I am not perfect yet. heheheh.  But honestly, I could not choose a hangover now for all the tea in China.  It is hard won this precious peace and it needs to be nurtured.

Anyone who is reading this and is relapsing… it is only trying different things,  not trying harder, that has worked.  Trying hard is not possible.  Willpower does not work.  It will always let us down.  So just add supports.  Even if you have to pay for them.

Cyber hugs.



Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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