293. Whoa gone backwards??


No I have not!!

I made a mistake the other day and mistook 289 for 299.  I got all excited for 300 days and found out that it was wrong!  Never mind, of course I will get there in a week!

The thing is not in the thing.  This is what I was going to talk of cos it is so useful to think about.  You know when you are craving something because it is nostalgic or makes you feel like a child again… Maybe boiled egg on toast or Marmite soldiers with tea?  Egg on toast is my comfort food.  My mom used to make Marmite toast and tea when we were sick in bed and off school.  Those foods can conjure up a feeling of being cared for, of being comforted and some kind of wholesome cosy feeling.  However, the comforting, cared for cosy feeling is not in the food.  

Just like the ”edge off”, the ”celebration”, the ”commiseration”, the ”sunny holiday lets have fun”, the ”cosy winter fireside huddle”,  the ”I deserve a break” and so on and on, is not in a glass.  The reality is, in the glass is a liquid – tasty or not – which is an addictive anaesthetic.  A liquid which when consumed in certain quantities, is treated by your body like a poison.  A liquid which after a certain quantity starts to work its magic.  Robbing you of your clarity, your resolve, your ability to connect.  It invites you to have more.  Indeed it insists that having just one more is a really good idea.

The hours and hours spent when my kids were little, with friends drinking on a sunny afternoon… We used to say to each other… ohhhh look at what fun the kids are having, isn’t it nice to see them playing so well, oooh we should carry on sitting here drinking so they can finish their games… and we would while away a whole afternoon on the rosé wine.  Going home eventually with tired, hungry kids.  We could not concentrate nicely on supper time and bedtime, and getting grouchier and grouchier with kids who would not go to bed so we could have a night cap and relax.  And then to wake up the next day feeling like a piece of cornflake with no energy and needing to fake a cheery attitude at breakfast so that we could see them off with happiness to school and then flop back into bed to groan into the pillow.

The sunny fun holiday feeling afternoon is not found in a glass.  The comfort is not there.  The courage is not there.  The celebration is not there.  The taking the edge off may be there, but that is a downward spiral.  It is a short cut to de-stressing which makes you fat, poisons your liver, dulls your skin and saps your energy.  Sorry to be a killjoy.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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