219. Just for the record

I shared that because I put my drink as wine and I put it at 2 glasses a day… now some days would be none but some days would be five and a couple of gin and tonics perhaps… so I guess it averages out… and at 2 glasses of wine a day I have NOT drunk 100 bottles of wine 😂😂

That’s quite a thought… one person facing 100 bottles PERSONALLY consumed!!! – and taking them to the recycling !!! Aaaargh!

This is just an aside … for the record…

I have what is called “sober momentum” and every time you have a little lapse that sober momentum stops dead and you need to rev it up again … according to statistics… a person can be YEARS sober, have a relapse and it can then take literally years and years to get another sober momentum streak going.

One step at a time… I am laughing as I think of me drinking on average 2 drinks a day for YEARS … I am laughing (sort of) at how many bottles have been personally consumed if there are 100 in 220 days???

Have a good Friday 🙂

Love to you all…

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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