210. Self-respect

I’m thinking.

When someone over-drinks time and time and time again… and regrets it…. but goes back for more because they are too weak to actually do anything about it (read: me, Barbara)... then it is a sign that their self-respect is low to nil.

(I am not talking about the person who drinks, maybe too much, has a fun time, and has not an ounce of regret… no misgivings…. no sorrow at a hangover.)

When someone faces up to the over-drinking, little or lots, and says NO MORE and goes through the hard task of dealing with it head on… their self-respect returns and that accounts for the feeling of well-being that accompanies doing something difficult but something that is deeply good for you long term.

The reasons we over-drink are complex and layered.  But deep down there is a root of lack of respect and love for oneself.   Kick the booze and then you are standing up and doing something that is absolutely they best for your long-term well-being, and therefore a sign of love and respect of your person.

It is SO SO odd being the other side and not being ”allowed” your point of view without the other party feeling judged or condemned…. yet drinkers can have thirty views on those who don’t drink and they are not questioned…. Anyway, that is life and part and parcel of our learning curve.

The main thing is that I can live with myself as a sober person much more easily than I could as a drinking person.  Even though, and I repeat this, I did not drink everyday, nor on my own.  But the BIG BLOW OUTS that occurred often enough, would be draining and damaging shredding self-respect to ribbons.  It is hard at times but really worth it… Priceless in fact.

Love to y’all xxx



Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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