208. Something fun – just an aside xx

From the facebook page.

Sometimes I read something on my facebook group that I have to share!  So true…. Thanks Caroline Harrison Broadley 😉

Ok , so I dont post often but remember those 2 words Dry January? I did it and I still have not touched a drop , I dont know how many days it’s been but this is what i have learned so far .
. Weekends are much better without alcohol👌
. I remember conversations I have had at parties
. I have got to parties because I can drive on ginger beer 🚗🚙
. I have met some lovely new friends at parties who also didn’t drink .. but we all ate cake ffs ! 🎂
. I am calmer
. My skin and hair is better
. I no longer have acid reflux
. I no longer stay in bed on a Saturday eating Mc Donald’s waiting for the fog to clear🍔🍟🥤
. I can drive on a Saturday morning
. I’m really quite a cool person even though I’m about to turn 50
. I may now see 60 as I’m not behaving like I’m 20 every Friday night
. I am becoming obsessed with age
. I have more energy
. Water is not just for showering it actually quenches your thirst (who knew!)🚿
. I quit smoking 🚬
. I quit my shit relationship
. I can tolerate my family ( in small doses )
. I am thankful for the M25 …. it keeps family at arms length
. I can smile and laugh and I know it’s real from the belly .😂
. I no longer have a booze belly
. I am no longer bloated and I have cheek bones !
. I may loose sight of my cheek bones if I dont stop eating chocolate! 🍩🍬🍫🍰
. As much as I try I cant seem to get pulled over to be breathalysed , they must know ! ………🚔🚓

But above all I like me now, I know me alcohol free and I am going to continue to be nice to me .
Have a lovely week 🙂🤗

This is so true.  I’m on day 208 and can say YES to lots of those …. love it xxx


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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