205. Blissful future relief.




The thing is…. I have lots going on… lots of winter small work.  Changeovers for friends, and for myself.  Baking to do, KidsClubs to organise.  I do not have a ”proper” job, but I do various things to keep myself busy.  All of which at the moment require early mornings, organisation, planning ahead….  And the tension I would be feeling if I was thinking about managing my drinking ALSO would be awful.

I would be worrying that I would have a hangover, be jaded, tired, low energy.  I would probably have low self-esteem associated with regular over drinking…. I would probably feel overwhelmed and that feeling usually stops me in my tracks.  If I feel overwhelmed I start procrastinating and time wasting and generally kicking around doing less than nothing….

BUT INSTEAD….. I don’t drink.  So the following are removed:

  • Future worry about feeling crap.
  •  About feeling unable to cope.
  •  About feeling low in energy.
  •  About feeling low esteem.
  •  About feeling jaded…

All are removed.  And I can get the stuff done that I need to do knowing that I will wake up with a little bit of a bound!!!  Bounding up rather than pulling the pillow over my head and blearily thinking ”OMG I AM DEFINITELY STOPPING DRINKING”… FOR THE 1000th time that I had thought that in my little life.

So voila.  A weekend approaches.  A busy one.  And I can face it head on with energy and confidence that all will be well.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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