201. Who would have thought?


Quick check in.

Spent a lovely weekend up in Scotland with family.  At a wonderful hotel called the Open Arms Hotel, Dirleton.  We came downstairs the first evening and in the drinks menu was a selection of non-alcholic drinks including a Seedlip and FeverTree tonic of ones choice. I was very cheered with this.  It is odd to go somewhere with people with whom you have always had drinks.  My in-laws, husband, and his step brother and wife.  Very lovely people… all.  This time, all the kids were drinking too as they are al(most)l 18 and above.  So I was the only non drinker, again.  There was one youngster who hardly drank, but other than that it was just me.  So seeing the gorgeous selection of NA drinks in the menu made me feel someone cared.  I was very happy.  It was a lovely night and I know that if I had been drinking I would not have had the same type of weekend.  Drinking tends to stimulate my personality, whipping me up into an excited mood.  I would have smoked with my niece who rolls her own and would have generally felt a little jaded and odd and skulky all weekend.

This is the right thing for me.  It feels like I am doing something that is going to make a difference in the young people around me…. Especially my children.  I think that they can see that we can still have fun and not drink.

Im off out in Newcastle now, to a bar, and then to the Holy Hobo for dinner with my kids.  Me not boozing.  Happy.



Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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