199. Landmark days.

Treated with care


Just checking in.  I am in UK, seeing the babes who are at uni here.  We all went out last night and the three of them all had a pint.  The bar where we were had this beautiful barmaid called Emma.  I asked her for a soda in a nice glass with some mint and so on.  She looked quizzically at me.  Then she shook my glass with ice, poured out the ice, carefully poured the soda water, put in more ice… sliced some cucumber on the diagonal, added some blackberries.  All after some careful thought.  She was so kind.  I felt like I had a special drink and I did not feel left out of the fun get together reunion we were having.  And she gave me the mint and some fresh blackberries to take away with me to our restaurant to tart up my next soda water!!!  It made such a difference to me that she treated me with care.  That she bothered with a non drinker.  I felt special.

I am very happy.  So many times I have been away to a family reunion (like we are heading off to now) and some of the times have been marred by hangovers, slight guilt, fatigue due to excess and so on.  Not this time.  I am looking forward to seeing each single person there.  I am looking forward to having conversations and connecting with people on a genuine level.  Looking forward to paying attention to the countryside, the beautiful coast, the hotel and so on.

Life has toned down ten notches.  I am much less touchy as I feel better about myself.  So many of our reactions to the world around us are influenced by how we feel about ourselves.  I feel proud of myself.  I can be more loving to others because I like myself more.  This is good.

So to you out there who are thinking about not drinking, or who have started not drinking, or who have failed with not drinking, just pick yourself up and carry on carrying on not drinking 😉

It is sunny in England.  I have my family around me.  Life is good.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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