Nearing 200 days.



Thanks to Iona for this image…. And I guess it is so striking because it is so simple.  And it describes so perfectly how I feel since I have stopped drinking.

It is hard to count the amount of times in my past that I have wanted to stop drinking.  I remember being 35 and half way through the year, so when I was 35.5 I think I gave up for a few months…. Because I wanted the second half of my life (assuming we had 70 years) to be different from the first half.   I have waited until I am nearly fifty to give giving up a proper try.  I guess I hope to live to 100.

Thing is…. SO often I wanted some magical change which would give me a huge kick up the ass.  A kick that would make me into the person I was jealous of… The fresh, motivated, calm, inspired, productive person that I was not.  The kick has been administered duly…. on 1 August 2018.  And I feel like I am on my way.  To being truly free to be this person (as above).

Not much else to say.  I am going to the spa now with my husband.  I am so happy.  Happy every single morning that i don’t drink.  As the days pass further and further from day one, the voice is quieter.  I am not jealous of the drinkers.  I don’t feel left out and grumpy.  I am free.




Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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