174. What do I miss?


It is still January and there are still dry January-ers out there.

I had a comment from a friend who is doing a 2 weeks off trial…. ”x days down and 4 to go, I really cannot wait to have a drink, I don’t know how you do it”…  And I see their point.  If you are only two weeks down the line from having your last drink then you will still be close enough to day one for the real benefits not to have REALLY started.

The thing is… you either want to stop drinking for a long (more than three months) period or you want to moderate…. The friend just wants a small break for weight and health reasons.  That is fine.  Stopping for a long period is not for everyone.  But if you are someone who does want to curb their drinking then stopping for short intervals really will not show you the true benefits.  The happiness that comes after a prolonged period can only come after a prolonged period.  It is odd but it is true.  If you are within a month of day one I guarantee you will want to drink more than you don’t want to drink.

There is only one way to really feel the massive natural high that comes from stopping drinking and that is to get past (I would say) 40 days.  I am going to go back and check this blog, but I think that the real joyful bubble starts then.  The pink fluffy clouds.

I would NEVER judge a boozer, given that, at any time, it could be me right back to where I was.  I would say 100% that you need to push past a long enough period to say that alcohol free is not for you.  My friend saying that it was not for him, after 13 days, really has no proper perspective.  And perhaps he does not want to leave alcohol behind at all, and that is absolutely his choice and fine by me of course.  But it is a shame to say it doesn’t work for you if you have not given it a really good chance.

There is not one person I know who has had a long period off alcohol who says, geez I miss the camaraderie of booze.  There is a false camaraderie with booze.  It is a warm fuzzy temporary in love-ness with all and sundry that is a booze happiness.  I do not miss this.  I have a fabulous sober connection with people.  The one I had while boozing may have been funny and so on at the time, but the next day, the juice was never worth the squeeze, and I was still alone with my hangover.

There is not one person I know who says that they would rather wake up feeling like a dogs’ spat out cornflake than miss out on a few short glasses of vino.  There is nothing on earth like waking up feeling like a daisy.  It cannot be priced … it is irreplaceable.

There is not one person I know who wakes up and says, geez I wish I had drank more last night!!

So what do I miss?  I guess I will give this some serious thought for the next blog instalment, but right now, nothing.  A gorgeous glass of something bubbly and a clear head at a party is just the best thing for me.  It suits me.  I trust myself.  I can look myself in the eye.  I am reliable.  I like that feeling.

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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