117. Come around really quickly.



Pink fluffy clouds.

I am still here, not posting so much, as I don’t want to bore the pants off you all!!!

Not drinking is mostly pink fluffy clouds, but not always and I find I need reminding of why I am even doing this.

If you are me or if you are new to trying… here are a few things that I have found out.

  1.  I could be on day one again despite having a blog and a sober coach and etc.  There is a voice that says that I am not that bad.  That I can just have one or two drinks and maybe even just drink when I am with my husband only.  And maybe my sister, and then it will say well maybe only this time with x, y or z.  I need to be on my guard and vigilant.  I need to stay with my supports.
  2. You need supports.  You need to read lots of quit lit.  Listen to lots of podcasts (www.tired thinkingaboutdrinking.com is my drug of choice).  You need to give yourself treats for not drinking.  You need great replacement drinks and ideas.
  3. You need to realise that you just do what works.  I have tried moderating,  It didn’t work.  I have tried drinking.  It wasn’t adding to my life.  I have tried not drinking and it is bloody amazing (most of the time).  That works.  So I need to STAY HERE.

Also realise that there are going to be days when it is not pink fluffy clouds.  It is just boring and you will want a little zesty edge-taker-off-er.  You will want to blunt the reality that is irritating, saddening, hurting, boring you.  But that those feelings will pass.

Even if you are not that bad, if you ever drink more than you want to, or regularly drink more than you want to, it is not going to go away on its own.  Very unlikely.  Just do an experiment.  And keep extending it.


Love you all (all?!?!?)



Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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