111. Been a while…

Our Mac went t*ts up sorry for the break…

Here I am at day 111.  I feel very calm and collected about it.  There are many things to catch up on.  Day 100 saw me with my two oldest friends in South Africa. I had taken a flight out from London to Johannesburg and the captain had come up to say that he would send me down a glass of Champagne as I was corralled in a mid row seat down in economy.  Believe me, from the perspective of a jump seat this was luxury and I was very happy.  I told the captain I did not drink, so not to worry I was absolutely fine…. The chief stewardess came down presently and knelt near my seat and we started chatting…long story short, she was had heard of Belle, and done, if I am not mistaken four days.  She was an angel in disguise for me.  She does not know it, but I felt so reassured and comforted that I was on the right path.  I usually knock myself out a little with as much wine or gin as I can lay my hands on in economy so that I can sleep.  I did not sleep a wink but because I was not hungover it did not matter.  I then had my friends reactions to contend with, which were fine.  They are both very normal drinkers.  The one drank approx half a glass of wine two of the four nights…. and the other drank a little more, but did not finish a bottle of wine that we bought of the four days and drank nearly all of a tiny half jack of Malawi gin.  So in my books, the sum total of nothing.  HAD I been on the sauce for that trip…. the scenario would have been very different.  I LOVE South African Sauvignon Blanc, particularly ”Life from Stone” from a certain vineyard in the Cape.  I would have had at least a bottle a night with my friend.  No question.  The excitement of being together and the excitement of SA wine and relative single freedom would have pushed my buttons to drink as a celebration and so on.  As it was I woke up before 5am every day, went for a run the one day, followed by ten lengths in the pool, and walks and seaswims the other days.  How about that.  I loved it.

I am now in part three of my nice ”year end” trips…. In New York, with my beautiful OH. I was lucky enough to have a very spoilt seat on the plane out.  The crew were pressing me to have champagne, and I did not.  I had a bitter lemon and a soda with the three course meal.  Warm cinnamon doughnuts with creme anglaise for dessert.  OK OK I am still treating with food!!!  Then I slept for five hours and woke up on landing.  Very good.

I was worried about coming to NY as whenever we have been here together I enjoy the ragingly strong bloody Mary’s that they pour here.  Full of spice and horseradish… Deeelish.  So I had some virgin Mary’s and sodas with lime and I am ABSOLUTELY FINE.  I have had a couple of little moments of ”oh a little disappointing” that I am not partaking.  Seeing the people with their sparkling glasses of Champagne on the plane did give me a little pang.  But it soon passed.

Whilst I have been having a break I read ” the unexpected joy of being sober” and I can highly recommend it.  Very helpful as to understanding why one struggles to moderate.  More about that later.

Last aside.  We went to London too on the this trip.  I am having a very spoily year end.  I was meeting up with my mom in law, who is a great partner in crime when it comes to drinking.  She was absolutely fine about my non drinking.  I had ginger beer ready in the apartment thanks to lovely OH.  And arrived to the clinking glass of ginger beer and ice.  Such a love.  She was very interested.  She read Belle the whole way to Edinburgh from London and wants to sign up.

So that is my catch up.  If you listen, or read, please send me and little message so I know who is out there still.  I hope that the lovely stewardess is somewhere reading, and I send my particular love to her.  She was a memorable part of my journey.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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