91. Revving up to the 100

Many things to say…

I apologise to my invisible audience – is anyone there? – for my silence.  I am on day 91 and have been busy and buzzy.

A few things as I rev up to my 100 days.

Like everyone who gives up the booze saying its forever is too hard.  For nearly all of us.  Some people know that they know that they know they will never drink again.  I am not one of them.  I waiver from day to day over what I will do in the future.

So why I am happy right now not to be drinking…..In no particular order….



Physical health.

Mental health.

On the first one…. I am using a quote from Club Soda together…


Day 80 (I think) and I bothered to cut up the cashmere cardi that my stepmum gave me (it didn’t fit and made me look like I’d rolled out of a 1998 Boden catalogue after an ill chosen breast enhancement – buttons all straining and more ruffles than Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen dressed as a QC) I went on a charity shop trawl, found more cashmere and merino in odd shapes and degrees of decrepidness and spent this evening with the sewing machine that I wrestled from the depths of the garage.
If I’d had my old usual nightly guzzle of 500cl of vino tinto, I’d probably have succumbed to the Internet whispering that it was payday soon and cashmere is important (I was drooling over a £125 M&S scarf…. £125!!) however, as I’m AF and annoyingly full of wonder and joy, I used the Internet to show me how to upcycle my very own beauty of a scarf, modelled here by my fabulous assistant/child. So, I saved myself from the £125 scarf as well as the £6 bottle of plonk tonight. This is great, this new life.

The above quote includes a beautiful picture of a teenage girl wearing a fab cashmere scarf made of all sorts of bits and pieces.  The quote speaks volumes.  On my part I am finished a blanket that I started four years ago for my daughters’ 14th birthday.  She is 18 in December and it will be wrapped and handed over.  Youpi!

I will continue tomorrow with one of the other three.


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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