50. Freaking fifty.

I am Mrs. Happy

It is with no surprise to myself that I am here.  I pledged not to drink for 100 days and nothing will make me do it.  So I was determined.  But really the big thing is getting that distance from day 1.   The longer away you get, the less you are itching for a drink.  I am not itching whatsoever.  I will surely itch again but I know what to do about those itches!!!

You see one of the benefits for me is this…. I often had a nagging feeling that I was wasting my time, talents and life.  Whenever we had a whole weekend of boozing, day and night I would curl up inside a little and think…. 1) our kids are watching and this is how they are going to think normal socialising is done.  Around a drink – only.  No other options.  2) I am wasting precious time.  I could be doing something else with my life.

Now it is not so much that ALL my time was spent wastefully drinking … not at all.  I obviously have done other stuff and achieved other things.  But the drinking culture which was/is so familiar to me gives a TONE to ones life which is not the tone I want for my life.  Drinking loads robs everyone of good things.  I could have learned another language, instrument, painted 100 pictures, written 40 poems or baked millions of cookies in all the time I have spent drinking and hungover.

This side of the booze door, I have not done anything major, but that feeling of wasted days has gone away.  I’m loving this life.  I am loving this feeling of no guilt re kids, friends, church…. I am eating a bit too much, but hey ho!  It will go!  And I am not afraid of future events…. Woo hoo.

I send love to everyone out there who is reading this and trying to decide to stop.  Try it.  Just for 100 days.  Go back to the beginning of this and read the pledge I made to not drink for those 100 days… It made such a difference that I am accountable to Belle, and to this blog.  It cost me money to go with Belle, and money to start this blog… But so much more money would have been spent on vino.  And I am worth the blog and the coach.  Because the world needs me sober.  And the world needs you sober!!!

Love to y’all


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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