48. inspiration so needed always

I found this amazingly helpful.

I am following a facebook page called Club Soda.  Alcohol free.  People connect and help each other and encourage each other.  I love it.  I have seen this girl, agonising over a future event.  All along the others on the page have encouraged…. here is her post the day after the ”future event” that she was so afraid of….

So I did it. I had THE most amazing day completely alcohol free as a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding. I was really apprehensive despite being almost 9 months free about whether I could have a good time and not feel like I was missing out without booze.

Well I can categorically say that I didn’t just have a good time, I had an infinitely better time without it. I felt anxiety free and serene the whole day, I was present and engaged and had lovely heartfelt conversations with wonderful friends I hadn’t seen in ages, I danced all night SOBER, something I thought I would never be able to do let alone enjoy. In fact I was one of the people who was on the dance floor the most! I felt incredibly alive and thankful for being in a room with so many people I love. I woke today hangover free, the absolute best feeling in the world knowing I can do this. No ifs no buts.

So if you have a similar big event coming up know that you can and will have a brilliant time without booze – once you test and prove this it will make you realise that it’s not alcohol creating the buzz and fun – it’s you and the love and friendship around you. As a wise lady said on here yesterday it’s ‘Shampagne’. Never a truer word said.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my wobble yesterday, you guys are awesome 🌟 x

I was so heartened to read this.  I am so in heaven not drinking.  This is the present and this is where I know I belong and I should stay.  But I do stray into thinking about future events.  And when I get panicky I will come back and read her post.  I was one of the ones encouraging her, saying that it was only one evening.  Yet I know that perhaps when my time comes I will be equally tempted to say fuck it and want to drink.

Hope you are all well, my ghost readers, who possibly are not even there 😉


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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