47. Hardly counts

That is me, the one who hardly counts!

I have to think about which day I am on.  I know roughly, but if I am going to be exact I have to count.  At first I was counting every day like a crazy thing.  But now I hardly count.  At all.

I had a lovely weekend with friends, family and it was great.  At absolutely no stage over the weekend did I even vaguely want to drink.  I said to my sister… each day I am emerging into wakefulness, with the huge grateful heart that I did not drink. A thankfulness that I am not hung over or even a smidge recriminatory.   Indeed the thought of drinking stresses me out.  I know it would still be an issue.  I would still find it hard to moderate.  So for now, I am going nowhere near a bouteille.  Oddly enough I did not drink every night and was not hung over every day.  I even had plenty of mornings when I did drink that I was not hungover.  But the times when I was really made an indelible impression.  I hated those wake ups so much that I really never want them back.  So I am loving the soft drinks.

Loving all the food, not loving the kilos that I am piling on.  I will get rid of them. Soon!!!

I am not sure that this is a very exciting blog.  I am going to try to liven it up with pictures etc.  Not sure who even reads it…. Hey there if you are reading it.  And hey there even more if you are trying to give ”not drinking” a try.  It is SO good.  You will not believe yourself.

Love to you





Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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