33. All bright

After a miserable Saturday it dawns bright on Sunday 🙂

All our obsessing on whatever out choice of issue (relationships… money… health ….kids/no kids) you name it … can be silenced. We just need to work out how.

For me I needed to just be myself and ask the right questions from a calm place. In one second all my grinding wheels of grrrrrr inside my head stopped.

So – for me to remember for next time a niggle obsesses …

  1. Is this really important in the grand scheme of things? Sometimes it is …
  2. If so … then what is the next right thing to do? Be honest? Ask a kind question?
    If it is important but not really life changing you can still do the above … but also replace the conversation in your head with something else. Something that energises you and does not drain you. Go for a walk, a run and bath ….whatever gives you a change of scene.
  • I think if we are hungover or tired and irritable from drink then we do not have the energy to deal with our niggles … we perhaps just douse them with anaesthetic and they don’t get resolved.
  • So there is my fourth (or fifth?) nice thing about not drinking….
  • The niggles are put in their place with less drama. There is more energy to deal sensibly with our obsessive thoughts.
  • Have a great Sunday. If by any chance you are drinking and feeling shitty and hungover …. be kind to yourself.
  • Byeeeeee
  • Author: barbsfalkiner

    Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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