30. Just here

It is feeling normal not to drink.

At first I wanted to avoid social occasions, or at least preface them with, “I’m not drinking”.  I am not sure why we think we should not be going somewhere because we are not drinking.  So what?  I will be drinking, but drinking something nice and non boozy.

My reason for this blog was to examine my way along the sober path and see if there was any difference between long term non-drinking and my normal drinking pattern.  I feel so different.  But I do think some of it is in my head.  This feeling of finding myself more trustworthy (to myself and to others) is possibly the nicest feeling.  I can say yes to ANYTHING in the future because my ability to do it will not be shadowed by the ghost of a potential hangover.  I have said yes way into the future about things I would never have bothered to say yes to, knowing I will be absolutely capable.  So nice thing number one is the ”trustworthy” feeling.  

Nice thing number two is realising that I am happy to be at any social occasion and not be drinking.  I really thought it would be boring as hell.  And tbh there will be boring times with pissed people rambling on, but I don’t have to hang out at those… But the normal parties where people drink normally – well it is an absolute pleasure to have my wits about me at those.

What are your nice things?  Please tell me 😉

More nice things tomorrow.

Good night


Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

2 thoughts on “30. Just here”

  1. I went to a birthday party on Tuesday and it was AMAZING! I was 100% sober even though I had the birthday boy trying to shove Gin or Jaegermeister into my fruit water and a drunk woman who I’d never met before tell me she had seen me sneak some beers and had no idea why I went to water lol! (Maybe she felt uncomfortable with me not drinking?) It didn’t bother me one bit. It was great to have a brilliant time af and have all my wits about me. There where some VERY drunk people that did begin to piss me off with their brewery breath and falling around which would of bothered me when I was drinking. I felt invincible and the best thing is I remember it all! Thank you for your emails daily it’s an inspiration and you keep me pushing day in day out , so thank you for sharing! 🖤


    1. Aaah Krizia thank you for that ❤️ I’m delighted that you are here and isn’t it a relief to find it’s more than okay to be sober at a party!! I’m finding many tiny knock on effects to not drinking too … let’s carry in on our road xx big hug

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