23. Wine not.

Good days 😉

A random test embedding…..

Never done it before.  Today was good…. The chap in the video passed through our church garden after he had done some singing on his own in the church cos he liked the acoustics…  Just thought it would be a good practice embedding.  He was really cool.

We were in the garden to do a wine tasting.  Yes!!  I was hosting a wine tasting for a visiting sommelier who was doing a little talk and tasting session on Wine and the Bible.  I kid you not.  Me and soberionka sat and listened and enjoyed the smell of… and the look of…. and the feel of…. the wine in the wineglass in our hands, but we did not so much as touch a sip to the lips!!  Funny day.  And I liked the smell of the wine so much.  It was like I was tasting it but I was not even VAGUELY TEMPTED.

I have been asked recently…..as we all are I guess, when we are doing a certain time period….when the last day is…. our 100 days is up on 9th November.  I heard some good advice.  It is forbidden to say that you are giving up forever.  Because if you think that then you will not stop drinking.  If you think, this is it.  Forever starts tomorrow, it will be too hard to do.  So what you do is get a good distance, like 100 days under your belt, and then see how you feel.  If it has been working for you then carry on.  Do another 100 days and see how you feel.  I don’t want to never drink again.  The thought makes me a little sad.  But I can definitely manage the next few days.  So I will just go at it in bite size chunks.


It feels so good.  I still am in the buzzy clear fluffy feeling mood 😉 I am so productive – making my brownies… having a little trouble with the ginger bug which has stopped fizzing… despite me feeding it everyday.  (I have not updated you on that as I am waiting for success!) I have been asked to make cookies too, so I have done two batches of gorgeous peanut butter cookies… Its fun!  I picked a whole load of plums from my neighbours’ tree (with permission) and am going to make plum jam.  I am happy.  On my own here at home, with the dog, and no TV just me calm and peaceful.

Another day further from day one, and the little sober car is zooming along.

Love to you





Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

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