18 days and hello to you

I won’t do two blogs every day…

But because I went brave and put my website on the sober facebook pages I just wanted to say hi to princessleah and gillb. Every single one of us is unspeakably precious, and that we have jumped (or considering jumping) out of the booze elevator, or off the booze train makes us more able to realise this fact.  Feeling worth someones bother is a big problem for lovers of the vino.  I think that because we are (inadvertently) treating ourselves so badly we really do not feel worth the good treatment from others.  And this is C.Rap. When I stop to think about my close drinkers and I look at how they struggle to receive kindness without the need to do something in return (and see that in myself) I realise that the self worth is low.  And not drinking is a gift to ourselves to show we care about our selves.  We are choosing not to drown our sparks out with wine (gin, beer, prosecco and so on).  But to keep these little sparks of amazing humanity fully glowing.

So well done to the sobersistas (maybe one of you is a brother?) and thank you for reading.  It encourages me enormously and pushes me further down the road of resolve.

Clear head… no silent guilty ghost lying next to me in the mornings covering me in shame.  Yeeehi!  Have a great weekend.

Love meee.

PS I went to a friends yesterday and she popped a bottle of extremely fizzy homemade GINGER BEER!!  Non alcoholic not too sweet delicious ginger beer!!  Naturally fizzy without additives!! I will keep you posted as I am making some today!!!

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

2 thoughts on “18 days and hello to you”

  1. Thanks for your welcome message. It’s really helping reading others stores and encouragement. Day 4 today. Off to a friends tonight but she doesn’t really drink so looking forward to a lovely catch up over some Diet Coke. Oddly
    It’s the nights when I’m on my own at home I find the hardest.
    Thanks for sharing your story and encouragement


    1. Hi Leah and hope that you had a good night with the Diet Coke friend ;-). It is only our boozer friends who will be irritated by us stopping. Because it threatens their drinking … Sending cyber encouragement xxx


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