Da na na naaa day three


By and large a good day.  I listened to lessons 2,3 and 4 from Belle.  There is such a wealth of help in them that I will definitely listen again.  I found this morning that I feel gnawed about future events more than right today’s challenges.  But this changed as the day wore on.  I felt really irritated and grumpy with ones’ nearest and dearest.  I took some comments in a very old way and felt very frustrated with the darling one.  However, I apologised knowing that I was grumpy and gritty.  But it continued and my grumpiness gnawed  and gnawed.  Anyway, I went to the airport to fetch precious family and got back to hungry household, scantily prepared dinner and very arsey nearest and dearest. Whilst I poured beers and wine for all….. my arsey one persisted in arsey-ness.  Hmmmmm.  Asked the person to please understand and be nice and patient with me as I was trying to do something that I was finding rather hard right at that moment.  Then the person in question said…”Well that’s your choice isn’t it?”.  I was exploding with…. annoyance and wishing to join in with a drink and peevishness at not being ”supported” and thinking of all sorts of ways to ”not support” the dearest one in revenge!!  Just then a friend S called and asked if Josh was free to fetch THEIR friend from the Easybus as S had drunk too much to drive… Josh was out and I owe many a dog sit to S and was very happy to volunteer to leave the quaffing bunch to their wine on the patio.  Off I go and pick up G.  G, it turns out was sent to my direct by the Lord.  G has not drunk a drop for two years and actively rejects it and is very happy to be a sober person.  He was supportive and kind and UNDERSTOOD.  I dropped him off with S and went home to the family.  His Arsey-ness no longer bugged me, and I was quite happy to serve them more wine, as I don’t resent their drinking one bit!  I am more than happy for them to do as they would like.  Various degrees of understanding emanate…. But they are a great bunch and I am very glad they are here.  And thank God for G as I felt like I had a kindred spirit.

Night night

Byeeeee xx

Author: barbsfalkiner

Approaching fifty, life about to change and want to try something different....

2 thoughts on “Da na na naaa day three”

  1. What a mixture off emotions and reactions.. I too was like pretty irratuable yesterday because I was dreading the weekend socials and feeling grrrrr but I had a long afternoon sleep and felt bette! Went to apéro with friends I drank water whilst they drank lovely wine but there was a 3 year old and we played and played and giggles giggled it was a welcome relieve as it was hard because my friend know me and know how much I like red wine so they were so suprised!!!
    This is not easy but all day I was yesterday I was thinking after 2 weeks I’m sure it will get easier but sure it will not be easy and we will face big challenges!!
    Also I saw bumped into my friend that’s given up for a year Thursday night and we chatted…
    Let’s keep going on you know I’ll support you all the way and so many others will appear that will to xx


    1. Thanks 🙏🏽 I spoke to a little 11 year old today as we grown ups were discussing no booze and she said “you’ll be like us (children)…. it’s hard but we manage” 😂😂😂😂


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